Service Learning Student Requirements

The AISD vision is to prepare students to become stewards of a just and sustainable world. In order to meet our mission of creating students that contribute to a changing global society, the high school has instituted a service learning requirement that will enable students to understand the purpose and the process of service learning .

Individual student requirements
Each student must complete a minimum of 10 hours of service to the community each year through one of AISD's established projects. These 10 hours are earned in their assigned project outside of school hours. Progress towards the 10 hours is tracked by both the student and the lead advisor of the project with which the student works. Students fulfilling the minimum hours will receive a P for the year. Students exceeding the requirement will receive a P*.

Group requirements
Each student will choose a Service Learning project that will benefit the local Bangladeshi community (pre-established by the school) . They are expected to participate in all planning, action and reflection related to that project, which includes: 30-minute Monday Tiger Time sessions, off-site and on-site directly-related service work during the school day and participation in group discussions facilitated by guest speakers and experts in the field. It will be a year-long in-depth project in which students are expected to participate fully to group efforts .

Service Learning – Overarching goals
1. To learn about an issue or social problem in depth
2. To view that social problem from many different angles and perspectives
3. To conceive of ways to help address the issues that are:
  • Short term – provide immediate relief or assistance
  • Long term - creating sustainable solutions
4. To generate a plan and work with the site to mutually develop the plan.
5. To find a personal, meaningful connection with the local community.
6. To realize that every individual can and should take action in some form to better the community/country/world.
7. To reflect on:
  • The social issues
  • Ways students can take action
  • Their own personal revelations